People Analytics in the Era of Big Data


People Analytics In the Era of Big Data : How Big Data Analytics will Change The Way We Attract Acquire Develop and Retain Talent (Wiley, Apr 2016)


In his second book, JP provides a comprehensive framework to leverage analytics in Talent Management.


People Analytics in the Era of Big Data, Jean-Paul IssonThis new talent analytics framework leverages some lessons learned from Marketing, Finance and Sales as well as the opportunity of publicly available data and Big Data to better anticipate your employee behavior. Today human capital operates in a globally connected arena where talent marketplace, propelled by internet, social media, big data, skills shortage and workforce imbalance, is more and more competitive.


How to transform talent data

The majority of talent managers are inundated with a data from disconnected tools and systems. While some are struggling to move beyond basic employee performance reporting, others do not even know from where to start their talent analytics journey.

This ultimate guide provides you with an analytics framework on how to transform talent data you have into a competitive edge to enhance the way you attract, hire, engage, develop, retain, terminate, reward, promote and manage your talent.


Drive optimal business performance

Written for non-technical professionals and packed with case studies from leading people analytics companies such as Google, Amazon, HP, Facebook and much more, this book provides actionable guidance on how to inject advanced analytics into every stage of  talent life cycle to drive optimal business performance including :

  • Build a scalable strategic workforce planning analytics function
  • Optimize talent sourcing in the era of internet mobile, cloud, Big Data and social media
  • Harness Big Data intelligence to acquire the right candidate
  • Leverage predictive models to retain your top performers at risk of leaving
  • Build employee lifetime value and cost modeling for better performance management and recognition
  • Anticipate successful performers as well as underperformers to ensure an optimal workforce
  • Learn to quantify an investment in your employee’s wellbeing and health that impacts productivity and performance
  • Understand how Big Data applies to talent management and staffing
  • Migrate from business analytics to talent analytics to create a competitive edge for your organization


Why Talent Analytics Now?

In this big data era, next generation managers will need to integrate a combination of art (the traditional human intuition experience) and science (big data analytics intelligences) in order to be successful. This will require support from senior leadership eager to compete on talent by injecting analytics in the entire management cycle of their most valuable asset : their workforce.

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